Paying your invoice with Cryptocurrency

We are giving our customers the option to pay invoices using the cryptocurrencies Ether, Bitcoin or Litecoin.

If you are not aware of or are new to the idea of cryptocurrency and would like more information then please visit our other website to learn more from here you will be able to learn the basics to get you started and find links to other sites for more research, we also have affiliate links below and on whatscrypto directing you to coinbase where you can open an account with them, if you use these links, we will both receive £7 of free bitcoin (see their T&C's).

To pay your invoice using one of the cryptocurrencies below, simply copy the wallet address for that currency and paste it into your payment page on your own wallet. Please ensure you copy the full address, for example Bitcoin and paste it into your Bitcoin payment page and check it before you send. You cannot send from your Bitcoin to pay in to a Ether or litecoin wallet or vice-versa. It must be Bitcoin to Bitcoin, Ethereum to Ethereum or Litecoin to Litecoin. When you have pasted and checked the address add the invoice amount including VAT, your wallet will then convert the figure to the exact amount of your chosen cryptocurrency.  

If you are sending from your account on a mobile device you can simply scan the QR code next to your preferred payment method and add the amount of the invoice. 

You will be given the option to add a note to the transaction, this is where you can write the invoice number or any other notes you wish us to see in the coinbase confirmation email.

Coinbase will then send a confirmation email of the transaction and once received we will also send you confirmation.

Revenue and Customs Brief 9 (2014): Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies 


Visit our beginners guide to cryptocurrency site, to get started...

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Pay using Ether (ETH) wallet address


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Pay using Bitcoin (BTC) wallet address


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Pay using Litecoin (LTC) wallet address


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